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Wordsmyth - A Daily Word Game To Train Your Brain - meditative logic game for android devices.

Daily brain training

An exciting and visually beautiful logic game for android devices that will help you get rid of the accumulated stress, abstract from the gray everyday life and routine, as well as maintain logical abilities in good shape. In Wordsmyth - A Daily Word Game To Train Your Brain, you will be given only 9 letters at the beginning of the level, and then you can independently create words from them and the more interesting the word comes out, the more points you can get.

Relaxing atmosphere

There are no timers, time limits or number of moves, so you can complete one level at least put everything, at least a few minutes. A laconic visual style will help you focus solely on completing levels and not be distracted by distractions. Dynamic background design promotes relaxation and recreation, and interesting challenges will help keep your intellect in good shape. The most balanced and meditative puzzle game is already waiting for you. Эту игру можно скачать в официальном Google Play Маркет.