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Superbuzzer 3

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The legendary MULTIPLAYER general knowledge Trvia game returns LIVE for a totally insane, original experience! With a new play mode, faster games and loads of free buzzers!

6 players compete against each other on general knowledge questions!

• 3-round Quizzes, with twists and turns guaranteed right up to the last question!

• Make it to the Fight, the most off-the-wall test in the Quiz, and knock out your opponent with your general knowledge :-)

• Around 100 topics: Quizzes on cinema, sport, music, cooking, football, science, history, geography, video games, celebrities, and more...

• From the Show quiz to the Masters and All stars, where will your general knowledge take you?

=> One of the best trivia games for the past 7 years, already acclaimed by around 10 million players!

“You want to carry on playing this Quiz right from the start!” (Kickmygeek)

“It definitely has both atmosphere and pressure. This general knowledge game is quite simply fantastic” (Android Software)


• The Buzzer Race! Along with other players, try to qualify for the Show by giving correct answers to reach the end of the treadmill! Sounds straightforward ... as long as you don’t fall :)

• Better management of Live games, ensuring they take off fast, very fast!

• Lots of them, and more games free of charge thanks to the Buzzer Race: play as many games as you want in order to qualify for the Show!

* Grades: by gaining experience through your wins, unlock grades until you become a “Hero” and access more demanding play modes!

• The Fight revisited: armed with your boxing gloves, your correct answers can land some nice big friendly punches on your opponent’s schnozzle!

• And everything that adds that touch of spice to Superbuzzer: the Live game, the stress, the speed, the thunderclaps, the twists and turns of fortune!

• And coming very soon: the game for friends, and the rankings make their big comeback!

So, will you be a “super buzzer”?


• Become the king or queen of the general knowledge test and win 100 + badges: Diplomas, Buzzers and themed Badges await you!

• Discover the perfect combination of competition adrenalin and the sense of togetherness of a multiplayer quiz!

• Answer thousands of high-quality, carefully selected questions!

• Create your avatar and make it react the way you want it to!

• Make the most of quizzes whose original rules ensure that strategy sometimes proves more important than knowledge!

=> JOIN THE FACEBOOK COMMUNITY TOO: http://www.facebook.com/superbuzzer/

If you have any technical problems or any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at the support address [at]thesuperbuzzer[dot]com or use our support site http://support.gerwinsoftware.com

Please note that Superbuzzer is a free game. You can, however, buy additional credits for real money. If you do not use this function, you can deactivate in-app purchases in your smartphone or tablet preferences.