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RFS - Real Flight Simulator MOD APK
  1. LanguagesEnglish
  2. Latest Version2.0.9
  3. Update2023-05-26
  4. Android version4.3+
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Real Flight Simulator MOD APK - New Android flight simulator puts you in the shoes of a real civil aviation pilot!

Real Flight Simulator MOD APK Game Features

1. The real routes of 35 largest airports in the world, players can experience the process of simulated flight

2. Custom painting, 3D real cockpit, parts, etc., free game content

3. Support multiplayer game mode, players can fly with hundreds of pilots

Real Flight Simulator MOD APK Game Highlights

1. Simulate the whole process of real takeoff and landing. Players can create their own flight plan to play day and night flight

2. In the game, players can customize the wind direction, cloud cover, ground temperature, etc., for a real flight simulator control experience

3. 40,000 real-time flights to players, 35 major airports around the world, players can go wherever they want

4. Players can enjoy the flight process to their heart's content, observe all aspects of flight control, understand the operation mode of flight, and truly restore the flight system, allowing you to fly in real life

Real Flight Simulator MOD APK Game Advantage

1. In addition to the flight parameters provided by the system, players can also freely set parameters and make uniforms

2. The airplane model is good. It shows the plane from different levels and the driving experience is really good

3. The flight system is excellent and complete, the details are simulated in place, and the experience is very real

4. There are many aircraft with rich functions, and there are many viewing angles displayed during the flight

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