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EXCLUSIVE APP FOR STUDENTS. Find the most effective method to learn English at your fingertips with a 360 methodology that will allow you to acquire all the skills you need to speak the language fluently. Dare to meet your goal, and be part of a community with more than a million students. Once you are a student, download the App and live a unique study experience every day, from your cell phone or tablet, with a course that will allow you to learn easier and faster from the place you prefer. You will have access to your learning platform with:• Unlimited classes 24/7.• Certified native teachers.• Dynamic lessons and practices.• Native common expressions.• Interactive videos.• Personalized monitoring of your progress.• Exclusive community for students. Learning English is in your hands! HOW DOES OPEN ENGLISH WORKS?Our course is 100% online, it consists of 8 levels, and you will start at the corresponding level after taking the leveling test.Everything that you need to learn English throughout the course can be found on the learning platform.- Classes with native teachers: traditional or casual, you will find them every 30 minutes, and you can book them with just one click.- Lessons: in this section, you will learn mainly about grammar, and as you solve it, you will unlock others to keep moving forward.- Practice: interactive activities with modern and updated content to learn English. It includes videos and advanced speech recognition tools.- Access Interactive Videos, Common Expressions, News, and a Professional English section where you can learn specific vocabulary related to your career. You will also find a game component, which will allow you to "travel" around the world while you learn English, make your process more fun, and stay motivated to meet your goal. Earn miles, earn badges, and be part of leagues in which you will compete with other students. WHY IS OPEN ENGLISH THE MOST EFFECTIVE METHOD?Because we are for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you the tools you need to achieve your goal of speaking English fluently at your own pace. Our platform is available to you to learn as much as you want with our native teachers and our interactive activities. In addition, we always accompany you throughout the process so that you never abandon your goal. HOW AND WHEN IS MY LEVEL CERTIFIED?Once you pass all the units and levels of the course, you will be able to obtain your Open English certificate. For this, at each level, you will develop an academic evaluation that will measure your reading, listening, comprehension, and oral expression skills. In each of them, our teachers will provide you with feedback for improvement. Remember that you can also follow us on our social networks to learn more about Open English, and start fulfilling your goal of learning English.