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Nextbots Online
  1. LanguagesEnglish
  2. Latest Version1.74
  3. Update2023-05-24
  4. Android version4.4
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(Turning off the jump enhancement option requires restarting the game to become invalid)
2.jump highter
3.Move speed accelerate
To disable the jump enhancement option, restart the game.

Nextbots Online Mod is an action-adventure decryption game in which the player manipulates the character to keep running parkour to get rid of the ghost. The player can control the ghost behind the player through continuous decryption so that he cannot catch up with you.

Nextbots Online Mod Game Features

1. The appearance of the ghosts in this game is set by the player. Players can set any appearance they like as the appearance of the ghost.

2. In this way, the player will not be afraid of face-jumping kills during Nextbot Chasing Mod.

3. The ghosts in this game are very easy to face-jump and kill when the player lowers their vigilance.

Nextbots Online Mod game highlights

1. The character controlled by the player in this game can jump very high.

2. The characters in this game have inexhaustible stamina, and they can keep running as long as they are not caught by ghosts.

3. Players search for clues in the game to decrypt, so that ghosts are trapped in the mechanism.

Nextbots Online Mod game evaluation

1. All the ghosts in this game are very large. Players can set their favorite pictures or expressions as masks.

2. It will be very funny for the player to see this mask suddenly when passing the curve.

3. Players trap ghosts through continuous deciphering, and at the same time buy time for their escape.

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    2023-05-12 Xiaomi M2004J19C
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    please update 1.71 sosomod

    2023-04-09 OPPO CPH2325