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Medicover App is a mobile version of Medicover Online Patient Website. It allows quick searching and making medical appointments in Medicover Centre with doctors of any specialty you need. If you can’t come to an appointment, you can easily postpone or cancel it. And if you have any questions after the appointment, you can ask your doctor by clicking “Ask a question”. You can also check results of your examinations or provide yourself with continuous treatment by ordering prescriptions to chronic medications. Use your data on Medicover Online Patient Website to log in to the App. Take on comfort! Apply mobile management of your health.Medicover App was created especially for Medicover patients so that they can manage their health from every place in the world. It is a mobile version of Medicover Online Patient Website.A transparent interface and intuitive navigation allow comfortable ordering of prescriptions to chronic medications, checking examination results, contacting the doctor after the appointment, analysing referrals or arranging an appointment with a medical specialist.Healthcare with Medicover has never been so easy!To keep your private data safe, the access to the App is protected with a password which you can collect at the reception desk of Medicover Centre. You can also log in to the App with your fingerprint or faceID. You can use this facility if your smartphone is equipped with biometric scanners.Once you have logged in to the App, you can:• Order prescriptions to chronic medications and thus, provide yourself with continuous treatment.• Check your examination results, both laboratory and imaging ones. The results will be commented by the doctor.• Make an appointment with a particular medical specialist in a city, Medicover facility and at the time you choose, thanks to options available in a browser.• Postpone or cancel the appointment if you can’t come for any reason.• Send a question to the doctor after the appointment in case you have any additional questions or doubts.• Order medical documentation which will be prepared for you to collect at a Centre chosen by you.• Look through issued referrals, selecting them by the date of issuance or status “done” or “undone”• Have access to the full history of your visits and examination resultsAll listed functions are free of charge. You can use them as long as your health is under the care of Medicover. Take on comfort! Apply mobile management of your health.