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Ludo Classic Dice Roll : This is Ludo Crown

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LUDO Classic dice:Ludo Classic a free classic mobile casual game, which supports 2 or 4 players local multiplayer game. LUDO is now a hot game preferred by many people over the world, even super stars. It's a great game for daily casual entertainment. Let's roll the dice and become a LUDO CLASSIC DICE ROLL

Some rules of Game :-

Each player chooses one of the 4 colors (green, yellow, red or blue) and places the 4 pieces of that colour in the corresponding starting circle. A single die is thrown to determine movement.

Players take turns to roll the dice. A player will have to roll a 6 before he or she is able to navigate a colored piece from its starting point to the starting square. After that, in each of the subsequent turns the player navigates a piece forward for one to six squares as indicated by the dice roll.

Ludo All-Star is a real-time, family-friendly Game,


✦Option to choose the dice number (1-6) which will start the token

✦ Option to get another turn on both dice number 1 (Pot) and 6 (Chhakka)

*✦Play against CPU(Computer) and good AI

✦Low mb almost 8 mb of package size, Light weight and fast in 4 games inn 1 games.

✦ Support extended to low end devices

✦Simple rules which can be followed by players of all ages.

✦ Graphics with a classic look and the feel of a royal game.

✦ Play 2 to 4 Player Local Multiplayer Mode.


Damru Bead 16 (Indian Checkers) is a very famous boardgame of 2019 in South - East Asia. It's similar to board games like checkers and chess. Play it with your friends to have the most fun in 2019. Aadu Puli Aattam or Goats and Tigers, Bead 12, Bead 32 are few of the variations of Sholo Guti.

SholoGuti is one of the best sources of entertainment for the rural people or folk. It's specifically a very popular boardgame in rural areas. This board game has so much popularity in some areas that sometimes people arrange tournament of this favorite game. Sholo Guti is a game of extreme patient and intelligence. Sixteen Soldiers,Bara Tehn or barah goti game.This game is very familiar in almost all the parts of our country. It's specifically a very popular game in rural areas. This game has so much popularity in some areas that sometimes people arrange tournament of this game. Sholo Guti is a game of extreme patient and intelligence. One has to be very tactful and has to move a bead very carefully while playing.

This is very popular game in village area.This is one to one game.Every player has sixteen beads.My game has three mode Single player,Two player and Online gaming.In online gaming every player has to remain an account.Player messaging with one another at the time of playing game.

Exciting Features:

✦ Play this boardgame with friends and family.

✦ Use very little data - works smoothly on 2G, 3G, 4G!

✦ Very addictive and awesome sounds.

✦ Support on all android phones and tablets.

Category Name:

✦Board Game

✦Fun Game

✦Quick Game

✦Best Board Game of 2019

✦Bead 16

✦16 Guti

✦Sholo Guti

✦Bead 12 or Bara Tehni

✦12 and 16 bead

** Block Puzzle Jewel and Wooden **

Wood block puzzle is a wood style block game. Easy to play, but difficult to be a master. More wood blocks crush, more score you will get. Try it and you will love this block puzzle game.

Place the pieces into board. Once you fill in a vertical or horizontal line, it will disappear, freeing up space for new pieces. Game will be over if there are no space for any the given blocks below the board.

Features of the block puzzle:

✦ Hours of fun, exciting play.

✦ Totally free wood block puzzle classic.

✦No time limits and no wifi need.

Quickly , let's enjoy this classic wood block puzzle game, Classic Ludo,Claasic Jewel ,Classic Solo Guti.