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Charging sound - plug sound

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The description of Charging sound - plug sound App

Surprise others with your phone charging voice or plug sound.

Set any sound or music instead of your charger connection sound. Also, you can put text instead of plug sound.

Now you can change the reaction of your smartphone to the charger plug using this app.

Make your phone talk with this Charging sound - Plug Sound app.

You can select a sound or enter text on start charging and a separate sound or text on end charging

- Set any charging connection text

- Set any charging disconnect sound

- Set any charging plug sound effect

- Set any charging un-plug text

- Plays a sound or text when you connect or disconnect a power charger.

1. Open Charging sound - Plug sound app

2. Grant all required permissions

3. Select plug sound or enter text

4. Select un-plug sound or enter text

5. All done