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Bullet Hell Challenge

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In ✨ Constellaria ✨you will have to control your spaceship with motion controls to confront the bosses representing the constellations. Inspired by the bullet hell genre, this game shows distinct mechanics to offer a challenging shooter with varying gameplay.

Mix your power-ups!

To provide a shooter with a real challenge, these constellations have numerous phases of increasing difficulty; but don't worry: you can equip your spaceship with power-ups that allow you to have a double shot or even to stop time! After playing a while, you will unlock the ability to have multiple skills activated simultaneously.

⚡ Upgrade skills! ⚡

This challenging game will reward you with a new power-up to your spaceship upon defeating its difficult bosses. These skills are according to your performance: the fewer lives you lose, the more its damage or duration will increase. Clearing a level in all its difficulties, without losing lives, will make a power-up twice as better than originally.

Choose your skills wisely!

If a level seems too difficult, remember: some power-ups work better against certain bosses. By the way, think about the order in which you equip them, since this determines their order of activation. Try multiple combinations to surpass the challenges of this hard bullet hell!

Don't forget to !

In the cosmetics section you will find that the appearence of your spaceship is customizable. You can customize the colors of its projectiles as well; if you choose red and yellow, it would look as if you were shooting fire! Can you find other interesting customization settings?

⚙️ Remember: in the pause menu you can adjust the sensibility of the motion controls if you wish.

If you like this game, remember to write a comment! You opinion is helpful and will be taken into account, since this bullet hell is still under development.