Border Wars Military Mod Apk
Border Wars: Military Games
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  3. Update2023-05-26
  4. Android version5.0
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Border Wars Military Mod Apk

As an army commander you have to control your soldiers in new army games. You can command troops from pistol troops to snipers, tanks, machine gun jeeps and artillery. Inspired by some of the best mobile military games that will challenge your combat simulator skills.

Combat simulator and military game players will love the trench warfare style of each mission as well as the warp-like strategy gameplay. You can deploy troops like in a trench warfare or manage your money like a classic RTS game. The style of the game is similar to WWII and WWIII strategy games, with mechanics similar to trench warfare.

Fight on the borders of your country in infantry army combat simulator. Or command trench defense missions in the forests and fields of your country. You have to protect your homeland from the enemy in the desert battles in bad weather and in the end you have to command your troops in the tank games with big tank battles in the city.

The goal of every mission in military games is to destroy the enemy base or survive until reinforcements arrive. To win, you must carefully manage your bankroll and make strategic progress to win all campaign missions. Mini warriors can be summoned to the battlefield by pressing their buttons on the soldier panel. Money is earned by killing enemy soldiers. Use tanks and cannons carefully to win the battlefield. At the end you have to fight the enemy general and defeat him by destroying the boss tank.

A lot of work and effort has been put into the development of this project so that the game can be enjoyed and played like both classic WW2 games and modern WW3 games. The combined gameplay of these two military games makes it one of the more interesting and challenging campaign games. I hope you will enjoy this game, if you do please leave feedback here as it encourages me to add more campaign missions to the game.

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