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Battle Dogs

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Prepare a new game that breaks the world! The rules are yours! A huge map inspired by Beverly Hills, California, will give you a real gaming experience.

These streets, cars, people and the smell of America are waiting for you to explore. Immersive movie scenes and characters who show their identity, this adventure will keep your eyes on.

The decision-making stage will fascinate you.

Some pipes will make you an ambiguous creature and will be taken to Beverly Hills. Will you sell them to get rich or will you try to occupy the whole city? Make your decision and realize it!

A real city inspires a huge open world.

Think that you will be lost in a big city because of high-quality pictures and their unique side. Life is simpler. It's up to you to travel, shop or swim. It will also be up to you to steal, rob or sell cars with the Mafia, become a puppet and create urban chaos.

If you are reading this article now, I think the second option is more exciting for you. Don't waste your time. Take part in this adventure to stimulate your adrenaline!

It's kind of like a movie!

English dubbing is performed by the best actors in their country.

There are English, Turkish, German, French, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian subtitles.

Custom control experience can meet your 100% requirements.

You can control the shooting with automatic aiming and one-man mode as you want.

Don't answer the phone and collect new tasks in order to complete the tasks you want! Increase money and gems! There are no vehicles you can't use. You can drive them as much as you can in any vehicle you want. You can try to drive a tank car to the city center, or sail in the boundless sea. Fly out of the secret area on a motorcycle and show off your luxury car in the city! In short, everything is in your hands and do what you want to do!

Will you die for millions or some small money?

There is money, there is war! Sometimes hundreds of people can die in this city in order to fight for some change. There is no place for the poor or people without dreams in this city!

This game is designed for those who like open world, gang and tribal war, gangs and gangsters. Those who can't stand adventure will not be able to enjoy the game!