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Asteroids Invaders

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A tribute to the first 16-bit computer games. You will have to overcome 15 levels to reach the center of the galaxy.

On your way, you face not only the asteroid fields but also an infinity of enemies. To help you, you will find a large number of powers that will be essential to complete your mission.

How to play:

- Rotate your ship dragging the control on the left of the screen. The rotation control will appear when you touch the left side of the screen, just below your finger. the ship will turn left and right the amount you drag. When you want to stop turn, just lift your finger.

- Use the AutoFire On/Off and Thrust buttons on the right of the screen.

- There are three types of weapons: Normal, Plasma, and Laser. Each type has 4 power levels. Take the items of your current weapon type to increase its power. When you pick up an item with another weapon type, you switch to the new weapon type but keep the same power.

- In addition to the types of weapons, you can find extra life items, bombs (damages all enemies), and shields (makes you invulnerable for a short period of time).

Enjoy an arcade like the old ones!

(C) 2021 Designed by Rusty Pixels, an indie game developer. Developed and published by Rusty Pixels and Retro Arcdades. Music by Chris Hülsbeck.