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  3. Update2023-05-25
  4. Android version6.0
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Description of Aether Gazer

AetherGazer - This is a mobile anime game. In fact, it's a third-person action game where we fight giant robots in a small arena. The character has four active skills, plus a basic attack. At the end of the level, you are given a rating as well as materials.
game introduction

1. "Aether Gazer" is a new work by the developer of "Azur Lane". It is a 3D action mobile game where the team fights on the same screen. The limited billing and file deletion test will start at 11 am on March 17. The test end time: March 23 24 o'clock in the evening.

2. Background introduction of the game's world view: Taking the virtual network world "Gaia" as the story stage, you will become the administrator of "Aether Gazer", explore every source quality area, get acquainted with modifiers with different personalities, and form a team to face the world directly. Skeleton crisis!

3. The gameplay is a standard 3D pretty girl ARPG battle operation. Although it is also a three-person team battle, it is not a single-player battle that uses alternate operations. Instead, three players play at the same time, controlling a main character and two AIs to fight.

4. In terms of skill buttons, general attack, 3 skills, evasion, ultimate move, combo skill, teammate skill...etc. There is a combination of cooling and elimination between skills to enhance the output damage.

5. In general, the sense of attack in the battle is very good, and I have experienced the refreshing feeling of fighting monsters. No surprise, I will try it for a few days. It is speculated that there will be agents in the Taiwan server in the future.
game background

Aether Gazer is a colorful waifu with a whole world of holographic opponents who have yet to be defeated by a group of elite fighters. Use the cute hero's futuristic weapons and other skills to stop any opponents by completing small tasks and collecting useful items that drop from them.

Between intense scenes, you'll have plenty of time to use all the items you've collected and improve your characters' skills, getting them ready for new action scenes. After passing the little tapes of dialogue, fight the mechanical bosses, using all the deadliest combos on them.

Gather your best squad in Aether Gazer to stop the source of evil and give humanity a second chance at life. You will have full control over the entire gameplay, only you have the power to decide the future.
Game Features

Yostar Games, the development team behind Azur Lane and Arknights, has announced a new anime-style mobile action RPG called Aether Gazer. Set in a sci-fi world, the game is expected to launch for Android and iOS in North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia in the fourth quarter of 2022. The content promises to bring a dramatic and bold role-playing story, and the game will bring stunning 3D visual technology to satisfy demanding gamers.

The plot takes place at a time when humanity is on the brink of extinction, and the world's brightest minds are trying to come up with a plan to ensure that at least their consciousness remains. To do this, the person must upload the data in consciousness to Gaea Zero, a supercomputer floating in space. This meta-model is exactly the same as the old world where Gaia calculated itself to chart a path for the future.

In this world, Gaia is divided into different regions, each with different beliefs and ways of operating. Sasami District is fishery and agriculture, not technology, and they pray to Tenjin and Gosanjin for a peaceful life, and they are always afraid. Neuhansa, on the other hand, is an advanced industrial park and home to the largest AGI Mecha Group company, Spealght Industries. It seems that they are secretly creating an army of AGI mechs in preparation for a grand plan to change the fate of mankind.

The Ninth Division is located on top of the Aether Gazer building. Led by Overseer Odin. The most fertile region of Gaea is Ain Soph, formed by immigrants from all over the world.

In terms of gameplay, players will form squads of three and engage in battle, they will control a squad of 3 in which there will be 2 AI-controlled characters. The combat in the game will be hardcore compared to other games on the market. Promises a collection of beautiful beauties for male players, with many epic battle stages. At present, the homepage of Aether Gazer game has been opened, and players can pay attention to the relevant information of the game in the near future.
game experience

First day of play:

1. Completed the novice prologue 01-05 in the previous issue.

2. Complete chapter 1-1~1-4 of this issue, and open the detection (gacha card pool) after clearing the level in 1-2. The card pool has 40% off and 20 draws for newbies, and the A-level corrector Hoddle will definitely come out.

3. Card pool guide and probability: Guaranteed mechanism: 70 draws will definitely result in an S-level corrector, and 10 draws will result in an A-level corrector or above.

Newbie entry: 40% off and 20% off the card draw pool for newbies.

Lightning Sword Breath: The probability of S rank is increased.

Modifier Resonance: Permanent card pool.

Key slave detection: Optional camp key slave.

4. Cultivation of correctors:

Transcendence, simply put, is to upgrade the character from B-level to A-level, S-level, SS-level, and SSS-level. The resources consumed are character information (resources given after drawing duplicate characters).

Play the next day:

1. Played to chapter 1-4 in the previous period, and this period will continue to advance to the final level of chapter 1-13.

2. Try to play the other two characters.

Poseidon: Auxiliary role, skill 1 helps teammates replenish blood, skill 2 helps teammates attack power BUFF, skill 3 damage skills.

Former Onibo Tengu: Long-distance output, skills 1 and 2 can be marked, and skill 3 can be used to switch to sniper mode after having the mark.

3. To open the godhead, increase the skill damage and the tree-like skill map of special effects, you need to complete the character teaching. Here you can learn the skill combination and characteristic method of this character.

[Day 3 Play Live]:

1. Go online to receive daily sign-in and server opening login benefits, and received a total of 54 draws on the fourth day. Another newcomer draws 10 consecutive draws, and still draws "Hoddle".

2. Upgrade Hoddle to S level, and play this character, the fetters cannot create fetters with the novice trio, so the secret can only be cast by one person.

3. Play the second chapter of the main storyline, and after playing to level 2-3, you can collect material levels, which are divided into gold coins, character experience points, skill point props, weapon experience points, breakthrough materials...etc.

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