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[Taiwan’s #1 strategy board game brand-Gamesofa Blind Chess, featuring a realistic 3D chess experience!]Over a million chess warriors like you are primed and ready for the next Blind Chess battle!Impressive 3D graphics put a realistic chess board in the palm of your hand wherever you are!Play everyone’s favorite chess game right away without registering!♠ Play for free-download now and get 15,000 coins right away-no need to spend money!♠ Tons of free coins-play chess to complete missions-non-stop rewards!♠ Realistic graphics-the only 3D playing board on the market, like playing the real thing!♠ PVP mode with friends-take on your buddies anytime, anywhere!♠ CASINO FEEL: Blackjack, dice, slots - 1 app, 4 ways to play!-Game Features-♣ Taiwan’s favorite strategy board game-1 out of every 2 people have played♣ From the top brand Gamesofa, over 10k players converge online for a Taiwan-wide Blind Chess battle!♣ Matching system supports various bet amounts-crank up the bet, and the excitement!♣ Tiered skill levels, ranked system-test your wits and emerge from the battlefield victorious!♣ Super cute emojis, have a blast as you interact while you play! -Additional Notes-。 This product is intended for use by those 15 or older.。 Chips in this game can never be redeemed for real money, goods, or any other item of monetary value.。This app does not offer “real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money or prizes.。User performance in this app is no indication of user performance or skill in genuine gambling.。This game is rated 15+ by the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee.。This game is free to play and includes virtual currency and goods, as well as paid services. Remember to monitor your play time to avoid addiction =============================Gamesofa- Fun in five easy minutes=============================Privacy Policy: http://www.gamesofa.com/index/?op=privacy&lang=en_USWant to play more?Gamesofa website: http://www.gamesofa.comMore games: http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/【台灣No.1棋牌品牌—神來也暗棋,重現3D真實象棋對弈體驗!】千萬棋友拚智力,縱橫沙場,一場暗棋大戰即將展開! 3D擬真畫面,棋盤棋粒放手機,隨時準備上戰場! 免註冊、馬上玩,最受歡迎象棋遊戲即刻開打! ♠ 挑戰高手玩家-隨時來場切磋,鬥智拚棋技!♠ 免費遊戲暢玩-立刻下載可得15,000金幣,玩遊戲不花錢!♠ 遊戲幣送超多-下象棋解任務,獎勵領不完♠ 擬真精緻畫面-市面唯一3D棋盤,玩APP就像真實下暗棋♠ 好友對戰系統-與親朋好友來場暗棋友誼賽-遊戲特色-♣ 台灣人最愛的桌上棋類遊戲,每2人就有1人玩過♣ 最大品牌神來也萬人在線,引爆全台暗棋大戰♣ 多樣底注系統,暗棋對戰更刺激♣ 戰力位階、排行系統,鬥智鬥謀略,成為沙場大將軍♣ 超Q表情符號,下暗棋互動更有趣-其他說明-。本遊戲以成年人為訴求對象。本遊戲不提供「現金交易賭博」及違反法令或類似之行為。玩社交類賭博遊戲時的玩法或成績不錯,不代表日後以「金錢賭博」時會獲得相同的成果。本遊戲依中華民國遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔15級。本遊戲為免費使用,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷=============================Gamesofa 5分鐘.想樂最輕鬆============================= 想玩更多?Gamesofa官網http://www.gamesofa.com 更多神來也遊戲http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/